Classes offered ...

Creative Movement                                
Ages 3-4.  Our beginner kids will learn basic ballet technique with creative movement and isolations.
Combo Ballet and Jazz or Tap
Ages 4-5.  Class is aimed at our students who started at 3yrs old who are more interested in dance and had previous training. 

Ages 5-Adult. Ballet technique will be taught according to ability and ages.

Ages 5-Adult. Jazz warm-ups, combinations, and dances will be taught according to ability and age.

Ages 6-Adult.  Tap warm-ups, technique, and dances will be taught according to ability and age.

Class must be approved by instructor. Minimum of two ballet classes are required to participate.

Ages 4-6.  BEGINNER tumbling will be taught according to ability.  Forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, hand and head stands, back bends, front/back limbers, front/back walkovers

Hip Hop
Ages 7- Adult.  Hip Hop warm ups, isolations, combinations, and dances will be taught according to age and ability

More geared towards adults but children allowed with approval.  A one hour fitness class with continuous dancing and a 10 minute leg and ab focus with a post stretch workout.

Musical Theater

Students learn voice, acting, and dancing skills along with theater terminology, direction, and etiquette.

Summer's Challenge

A "Mommy" workout based on cardio and strength training where kids are welcome to come and participate or just watch. 


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