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Classes offered ...

Creative Movement                                
Ages 3-4.  Our beginner kids will learn basic ballet technique with creative movement and isolations.

Combo Ballet and Jazz or Tap
Ages 4-5.  Class is aimed at our students who started at 3yrs old who are more interested in dance and had previous training. 

Ages 5-Adult. Ballet technique will be taught according to ability and ages.

Ages 5-Adult. Jazz warm-ups, combinations, and dances will be taught according to ability and age.

Ages 6-Adult.  Tap warm-ups, technique, and dances will be taught according to ability and age.

Class must be approved by instructor. Minimum of two ballet classes are required to participate.

Ages 4-6.  BEGINNER tumbling will be taught according to ability.  Forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, hand and head stands, back bends, front/back limbers, front/back walkovers

Hip Hop
Ages 7- Adult.  Hip Hop warm ups, isolations, combinations, and dances will be taught according to age and ability

Cardio Dance
More geared towards adults but children allowed with approval.  A one hour fitness class with continuous dancing and a 10 minute leg and ab focus with a post stretch workout.

Musical Theater

Students learn voice, acting, and dancing skills along with theater terminology, direction, and etiquette.

Voice Lessons

Private lessons teaching how to properly breath and use vocal chords while singing.


Piano Lessons

Private lessons teaching you how to play and proper placement of fingers on the keys.


Summer's Challenge

A "Mommy" workout based on cardio and strength training where kids are welcome to come and participate or just watch. 


First day of classes
First pointe shoes
Christmas 2020
Annie Kids Cast Photo
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